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Audio files and transcripts

As tapes are being converted into audio files, they will progressively be added to this page where visitors will be able to listen to them (or read their transcripts) at their convenience. Since the quality of the audio tracks varies, the ones that are clearly audible are being added first. Later, the ones that are more difficult to listen to will hopefully have been either replaced with better ones or doctored enough to be heard without strain.

Many tapes have been transcribed over the years. As time permits, these transcripts will be added progressively to this site.

If you wish to remain informed every time a new transcript or audiofile is added to the site, please fill out the form at the bottom of every page of this site.

Tapes 1 to 99Tapes 100 to 199Tapes 200 to 299Tapes 300 to 399Tapes 400 to 499Tapes 500 to 600

The Table below contains the following information for each tape:

Tape NumberEach tape is identified by a specific number, with letters sometimes added to better differentiate them from each other when they came in series.
Title:The "title" of each tape actually covers usually only the first segment. Additional questions often followed, leading to other topics, which will be added as they are identified.
Date:This indicates the date the teaching session took place.
Location:Most of the teaching sessions took place in New Mexico, but a significant number also took place in different parts of the US and in many foreign countries.
Length:This indicates the length of each tape. They last from a few minutes (rare) to over an hour (the majority).
Quality:Due to natural decay, a number of tapes are not in good condition and as a result the sound is not always the best to listen to. This notation serves as a warning of what one can expect for each tape.
     1. Excellent means no scratches and no background noise;
     2. Very good means almost as good as "Excellent", but with a few audible scratches;
     3. Good means it's still quite audible, but with segments that contain varying amounts of scratches and/or background noises;
     4. OK means listeners need to focus on the speaker and ignore the noise or poor sound quality.
     Not listed is a fifth category, i.e. the tapes that are in such bad shape that they are unusable. As such, they are considered "missing" and added to the Missing Tapes page in the hope that other copies will be found and funneled our way.
Transcript:The transcript without audio comes in two versions: Web page (a.k.a "HTML) and PDF. The HTML one is available on the site as a regular web page, with the added advantage that one can obtain an instant translation in any of 132 languages by clicking on the Google Translate button in the menu. The PDF version can be read online, dowloaded or printed for later reading. Both versions are the same text slightly edited as needed to make it easier for people who would rather read the message of each tape. If anyone has any doubt about something in the edited version or wishes to quote Bartholomew with accuracy, they can check back with the literal text that accompanies the audio version (in the blue boxes) to ascertain what was exactly said.

The tapes listed below in a blue box are complete and include the audio version together with an automated literal transcript: if you click on one of these links, a window will appear with the full (i.e. literal) text of the corresponding session. Depending on your preference, you can then either:
     1. read the transcript only, or
     2. listen to the audio only, or
     3. read and listen at the same time.
All the other links under "Title" (in light yellow boxes) lead each to a separate page with only the audio version on it. The links in green boxes lead respectively to an Web page version and a PDF version of the edited transcript..

Put another way, when you click on the different colored boxes, another page will appear with the following content:

Audio file with literal transcriptAudio file onlyEdited transcript (Web Page and PDF)

While the overwhelming majority of Bartholomew sessions tapes were duplicated and sold on a small scale, four were produced commercially, but are not available on the market any more. They are included below, at the very bottom of this page.

Tapes 1 to 99Tapes 100 to 199Tapes 200 to 299Tapes 300 to 399Tapes 400 to 499Tapes 500 to 600

Tape Number Title Transcript Date Location Length Quality
6Introductory sessionAudio WebPDF 01.02.78 Socorro, NM 00:45:30 OK
15The Purpose of Life Not yet Not yet 03.15.78 Socorro, NM 01:22:40 OK
28Free Will Not yet Not yet 05.17.78 Santa Fe, NM 00:58:55 Excellent
29Mary Margaret Experiencing the Self Not yet Not yet 12.02.83 Santa Fe, NM 00:04:55 Excellent
30More on Free Will Not yet Not yet 06.22.78 Socorro, NM 01:19:15 OK
30BRamana Maharishi's Approach Not yet Not yet 06.29.78 Santa Fe, NM 01:00:28 Very good
30CBartholomew's Function Not yetPDF 06.29.78 Santa Fe, NM 00:32:14 Good
32X2Impact of the Transcripts Not yet Not yet 07.08.78 Socorro, NM 01:27:50 Good
37AMeditation Not yet Not yet 07.13.78 Santa Fe, NM 01:29:27 Excellent
38AUFOs Not yet Not yet 07.17.78 Santa Fe, NM 01:04:45 Excellent
43AEgo and projection Not yet Not yet 08.03.78 Santa Fe, NM 01:29:27 Very good
48APredictions and psychic abilities Not yet Not yet 09.19.78 Santa Fe, NM 00:42:21 Good
50X1Divine Incarnations Not yet Not yet 09.24.78 Socorro, NM 00:51:47 Very good
50X2Ethics of Abortion Not yet Not yet 10.01.78 Santa Fe, NM 00:30:53 Good
52AGuilt: its origin, function and removal Not yet Not yet 10.07.78 Santa Fe, NM 00:58:29 Good
55Children Not yet Not yet 10.19.78 Santa Fe, NM 01:02:09 Good
56Trusting Higher Self Not yet Not yet 10.15.78 Santa Fe, NM 00:35:49 Good
58Listening to the Divine every minute Not yet Not yet 10.24.78 Santa Fe, NM 00:57:25 Good
59CWhy Bartholomew doesn't give individual readings Not yet Not yet 11.14.78 Santa Fe, NM 00:32:16 Good
70What Separates the Boys from the Men Not yet Not yet 12.16.78 Santa Fe, NM 00:37:23 Good
78Male-Female Relationships Not yet Not yet 01.13.79 Santa Fe, NM 00:45:59 Good
81The Thread of Light Not yet Not yet 01.20.79 Santa Fe, NM 01:06:34 Good
83AHuman and Divine Love Not yet Not yet 02.03.79 Santa Fe, NM 00:43:00 Excellent
90Guru or not? Not yet Not yet 03.11.79 Santa Fe, NM 01:05:19 Good
95BChoosing Freedom Not yet Not yet 04.15.79 Taos, NM 00:16:09 Good

Tapes 1 to 99Tapes 100 to 199Tapes 200 to 299Tapes 300 to 399Tapes 400 to 499Tapes 500 to 600

Tape Number Title Transcript Date Location Length Quality
100Getting out of the River of Life Not yet Not yet 05.07.79 Taos, NM 00:51:1 Good
101How best to help others Not yet Not yet 02.03.79 Santa Fe, NM 00:41:12 Very good
102Desires Not yet Not yet 05.26.79 Socorro, NM 00:54:47 OK
103Health and Healing Not yet Not yet 06.01.79 Socorro, NM 01:15:58 Very good
104The Intuitive Life Not yet Not yet 06.03.79 Taos, NM 01:06:43 Good
106Spiritual rules on the Path Not yet Not yet 06.11.79 Taos, NM 00:56:23 Excellent
108Spiritual rules for Enlightenment Not yet Not yet 06.11.79 Taos, NM 00:54:28 Good
109Is the Mind a help or a hindrance on the Path? Not yet Not yet 06.01.79 Taos, NM 01:20:55 Excellent
112Using Intuition Not yet Not yet 07.16.79 Taos, NM 01:24:10 Very good
117Ramana quote Not yet Not yet 08.03.79 Taos, NM 01:12:33 Good
118The Illusion of Form Not yet Not yet 08.05.79 Taos, NM 00:55:39 Good
120Ego desires vs. Divine Will Not yet Not yet 08.17.79 Taos, NM 01:16:35 Very good
125Why such incarnations as Hitler and Idi Amin? Not yet Not yet 09.16.79 Taos, NM 01:05:02 Good
126On Ethics Not yet Not yet 09.24.79 Taos, NM 01:04:28 Excellent
129Sleep state and night work Not yet Not yet 10.12.79 Taos, NM 01:23:05 Good
130The Light Bearers Not yet Not yet 10.13.79 Taos, NM 00:28:55 Very good
131The Sleep State Not yet Not yet 10.14.79 Albuquerque, NM 01:16:26 OK
132Astrology as a Tool for Self-Awareness Not yet Not yet 10.21.79 Taos, NM 00:59:32 Good
135Genetic Memory and Reincarnation Not yet Not yet 12.09.79 Taos, NM 01:08:45 OK
142Predictions of catastrophe Not yet Not yet 12.09.79 Taos, NM 00:49:10 Very good
143Abortion Not yet Not yet 12.16.79 Taos, NM 01:12:20 Good
145The Christ Today Not yet Not yet 12.21.79 Taos, NM 00:55:53 OK
146Expectations Not yet Not yet 01.06.80 Taos, NM 01:13:51 Good
153Personal power Not yet Not yet 02.03.80 Taos, NM 01:03:16 Good
154Earth is a kindergarten Not yet Not yet 02.10.80 Taos, NM 01:04:07 Excellent
156Detachment vs. involvement Not yet Not yet 02.17.80 Albuquerque, NM 01:09:02 Good
159Needs, desires and marriage Not yet Not yet 03.02.80 Taos, NM 01:04:33 Very good
161Current US political situation Not yet Not yet 03.09.80 Taos, NM 01:16:50 Excellent
162Personal growth Not yet Not yet 03.14.80 Taos, NM 01:01:32 Good
163Life is Living you Not yet Not yet 03.16.80 Taos, NM 01:08:43 Good
164Family life Not yet Not yet 03.23.80 Taos, NM 01:04:07 Very good
165Inner effects of Meditation Not yet Not yet 03.30.80 Taos, NM 01:07:03 Very good
167Finding your way Not yet Not yet 04.11.80 Socorro, NM 00:56:26 Good
168Is there any meaning to life? Not yet Not yet 04.13.80 Taos, NM 01:00:31 Excellent
169Observing Thoughts and Feelings Not yet Not yet 04.20.80 Taos, NM 01:09:05 Excellent
170The Female Principle Not yet Not yet 04.27.80 Taos, NM 01:08:00 Excellent
171The Male Principle Not yet Not yet 05.04.80 Taos, NM 01:10:32 Good
172The Mind: What is it? Not yet Not yet 05.18.80 Taos, NM 01:09:23 Excellent
173The Mystery of Life! Not yet Not yet 05.25.80 Taos, NM 01:08:53 Excellent
179How to help Bartholomew Not yet Not yet 06.12.80 Taos, NM 01:06:15 Excellent
181Awareness extension Not yet Not yet 06.27.80 Socorro, NM 01:19:06 Good
182Other Teachings Not yet Not yet 06.29.80 Socorro, NM 01:19:30 Good
183Ways to Freedom Not yet Not yet 07.09.80 Twin Falls, ID 01:15:34 Very good
184Homosexuality Not yet Not yet 07.12.80 Eugene, OR 01:20:55 Very good
185Dealing with depression Not yet Not yet 07.13.80 Eugene, OR 00:47:30 Very good
186Duties of the world Not yet Not yet 07.17.80 Palo Alto, CA 00:56:54 Good
187Why leave our Source? Not yet Not yet 07.27.80 Hollywood, CA 01:12:35 Excellent
191Build no organization around Bartholomew Not yet Not yet 08.10.80 Taos, NM 00:56:20 Good
193You are living all lives Not yet Not yet 08.24.80 Taos, NM 01:10:03 Good
195Gurus: do we need one? Not yet Not yet 08.29.80 Socorro, NM 01:16:26 Very good
196Dealing with negativity Not yet Not yet 08.31.80 Taos, NM 01:05:35 Good

Tapes 1 to 99Tapes 100 to 199Tapes 200 to 299Tapes 300 to 399Tapes 400 to 499Tapes 500 to 600

Tape Number Title Transcript Date Location Length Quality
203Choices Not yet Not yet 10.05.80 Taos, NM 01:08:31 Good
205Helping the Handicapped Not yet Not yet 10.19.80 Taos, NM 00:52:50 Very good
206The Formless Not yet Not yet 10.14.80 Socorro, NM 00:59:26 Good
208Our choices vs. Divine Will Not yet Not yet 11.02.80 Taos, NM 01:09:19 Excellent
214Humility, an ego trap Not yet Not yet 12.14.80 Taos, NM 01:21:49 Excellent
230Mary-Margaret's inner search Not yet Not yet 03.27.81 Taos, NM 00:46:28 Excellent
241Nothing to fear from evil powers Not yet Not yet 06.21.81 Albuquerque, NM 00:58:11 Very good
254Being who you are Not yet Not yet 09.27.81 Albuquerque, NM 00:54:40 Excellent
255You are so much more Not yet Not yet 10.11.81 Taos, NM 00:53:50 Very good
258Finding YOUR Answers Not yet Not yet 11.08.81 Taos, NM 00:48:54 Good
263The Desire for Freedom Not yet Not yet 11.27.81 Detroit, MI 01:19:34 Good
270What is a spiritual person? Not yet Not yet 01.10.82 Taos, NM 00:52:12 Excellent
271Unusual happenings during meditation Not yet Not yet 01.24.82 Albuquerque, NM 00:53:37 Excellent
274Turning off the outside world Not yet Not yet 02.20.82 San Diego, CA 01:16:22 OK
279YOU are your best teacher! Not yet Not yet 03.14.82 Taos, NM 01:01:41 Good
282Why did we leave Source?Not yet Not yet 04.25.82 Albuquerque, NM 00:59:11 Excellent

Tapes 1 to 99Tapes 100 to 199Tapes 200 to 299Tapes 300 to 399Tapes 400 to 499Tapes 500 to 600

Tape Number Title Transcript Date Location Length Quality
316The Body as Tool for Freedom Not yet Not yet 06.26.83 Albuquerque, NM 00:50:42 Good
344Consciousness Not yet Not yet 07.22.84 Albuquerque, NM 00:39:36 Good
363On listening Not yet Not yet 05.09.85 Doylestown, PA 01:10:40 Excellent
368X1Nourish self then give Not yet Not yet 07.13.85 Taos, NM 01:18:27 Very good
370X1Lead with the heart! Not yet Not yet 08.04.85 Taos, NM 00:53:58 Good
373X1Knowing Not yet Not yet 09.24.85 New York, NY 01:25:14 Good
375Fear Not yet Not yet 10.20.85 Albuquerque, NM 00:42:10 Excellent
377The Comforter Not yet Not yet 12.15.85 Albuquerque, NM 00:49:44 Good
378X1Empowering Yourself Not yet Not yet 12.07.85 Ukiah, CA 01:27:30 Good
379Why do we feel separate? Not yet Not yet 01.19.86 Albuquerque, NM 00:38:52 Good
383X1-X4Egypt and Israel Trip (4 tapes)
386X1Karma of War Not yet Not yet 04.12.86 Detroit, MI 01:04:03 Good
393X1-X5England Tour (5 tapes)
394-X2Problems of Parenthood Not yet Not yet 08.17.86 Taos, NM 00:24:39 Very good
395Finding the Place of Safety Not yet Not yet 08.31.86 Albuquerque, NM 00:42:45 Very good
398Feeling safe in an unsafe world Not yet Not yet 09.28.86 Albuquerque, NM 00:47:58 Excellent
399X1-X41986 Malvern Workshop (4 tapes)

Tapes 1 to 99Tapes 100 to 199Tapes 200 to 299Tapes 300 to 399Tapes 400 to 499Tapes 500 to 600

Tape Number Title Transcript Date Location Length Quality
401Let go and be free Not yet Not yet 10.26.86 Albuquerque, NM 00:42:31 Excellent
402Open to higher awareness (+ Topics) Not yet Not yet 11.23.86 Albuquerque, NM 00:45:01 Excellent
405Higher Mind Not yet Not yet 01.18.87 Albuquerque, NM 00:53:56 Excellent
407X1-X51987 Yucatan Tour (5 tapes)
408Removing guilt, the obstacle to Enlightenment Not yet Not yet 02.22.87 Albuquerque, NM 00:40:13 Good
416X1Real guidance Not yet Not yet 05.09.87 La Solana, TX 01:26:43 Good
418X1Awareness Not yet Not yet 06.13.87 Chama River, NM 01:24:17 Very good
423X1Nature for Healing Not yet Not yet 08.01.87 Taos, NM 01:28:28 Excellent
424X1Desire for God and Love Not yet Not yet 08.15.87 Prescott, AZ 01:27:56 Excellent
424X2Bart's Experience: how he sees us Not yet Not yet 08.15.87 Prescott, AZ 00:57:12 Excellent
432The miracle worker within you Not yet Not yet 12.20.87 Albuquerque, NM 00:46:57 Excellent
434Wholeness Not yet Not yet 01.31.88 Albuquerque, NM 00:58:04 Very good
435X1-X31988 Yucatan Tour (3 tapes)
440The Nature of Karma Not yet Not yet 03.27.88 Albuquerque, NM 00:47:15 Excellent
442Accepting the physical Not yet Not yet 04.24.88 Albuquerque, NM 00:53:00 Excellent
452The Wonder of your Being Not yet Not yet 08.28.88 Albuquerque, NM 00:53:45 Good
453Helping the World Not yet Not yet 09.25.88 Albuquerque, NM 00:39:42 Excellent
454X5How to fall into God's Stuff Not yet Not yet 09.18.88 New York, NY 00:13:05 Very good
479Machu Pichu with Love Not yet Not yet 07.02.89 Machu Pichu, Peru 00:59:00 Excellent
487Change equates excitement Not yet Not yet 12.17.89 Albuquerque, NM 00:56:45 Excellent
498What Are You Running From? Not yet Not yet 04.29.90 Albuquerque, NM 00:51:01 Excellent

Tapes 1 to 99Tapes 100 to 199Tapes 200 to 299Tapes 300 to 399Tapes 400 to 499Tapes 500 to 600

Tape Number Title Transcript Date Location Length Quality
500Filters Not yet Not yet 05.27.90 Albuquerque, NM 00:55:55 Excellent
501X1-X41st 1990 San Cristobal 2-Day Workshop - "Intimate Relationshisps" (4 tapes)
503X1-X41990 Galapagos Islands (Ecuador) Trip (4 tapes)
504X1-X42nd 1990 San Cristobal 2-Day Workshop - "Nature" (4 tapes)
502End of the Bartholomew Era (+ Topics) Not yet Not yet 06.09.90 Albuquerque, NM 00:58:35 Excellent
505The World as a Mirror Not yet Not yet 07.15.90 Albuquerque, NM 00:55:48 Excellent
506X1-X41990 Vancouver 2-Day Workshop (4 tapes)
507Facing Fear Not yet Not yet 08.19.90 Albuquerque, NM 00:51:50 Excellent
508X1Enlightenment is Present Here and Now Not yet Not yet 08.25.90 Albuquerque, NM 01:15:00 Excellent
508X2Every Moment of Your life is Holy Not yet Not yet 08.25.90 Albuquerque, NM 01:08:45 Excellent
509To Live and Die Consciously Means No Victims. Not yet Not yet 09.23.90 Albuquerque, NM 00:59:26 Excellent
510X1-X31990 New York City 1-Day Workshop (3 tapes)
511You are never given more than you can handle Not yet Not yet 10.28.90 Albuquerque, NM 00:54:55 Excellent
513Relinquish Judgment Not yet Not yet 11.18.90 Albuquerque, NM 00:48:28 Excellent
515By feeling, not thinking, pain becomes less Web Not yet 12.16.90 Albuquerque, NM 00:52:33 Good
516X2Reconciling inner and outer symbols Not yet Not yet 01.05.91 Taos, NM 01:24:59 Excellent
517Expansion of World Consciousness Not yet Not yet 01.27.91 Albuquerque, NM 00:55:15 Excellent
518Global and Personal Conflict Not yet Not yet 01.27.91 Albuquerque, NM 00:52:53 Very good
519Ego Can't Lead Us to Higher Awareness Not yet Not yet 02.24.91 Albuquerque, NM 01:02:19 Excellent
520You are the Primary Knower of Your Life Not yet Not yet 03.17.91 Albuquerque, NM 00:57:00 Excellent
522Your Awareness is What You Want It to be Not yet Not yet 04.21.91 Albuquerque, NM 00:56:30 Excellent
524We are bubbles in the vast wave of Consciousness Not yet Not yet 05.12.91 Albuquerque, NM 00:59:15 Excellent
   527   Pure Awareness vs. Pure Conscious Awareness Not yet Not yet 06.16.91 Albuquerque, NM 00:49:53 Excellent
529X1-X51991 San Cristobal Workshop - "Nature and Spirit" (5 tapes)
530Moving beyond Sorrow and Fear Not yet Not yet 08.25.91 Albuquerque, NM 00:49:49 Excellent
531Crop circles and planetary consciousness Not yet Not yet 09.29.91 Albuquerque, NM 00:54:25 Excellent
532X1-X3Albuquerque One-Day Mini-Workshop (3 tapes)
533We have a blueprint of consciousness Not yet Not yet 10.27.91 Albuquerque, NM 00:52:15 Excellent
534Taking the path of pain to release the light Not yet Not yet 11.24.91 Albuquerque, NM 00:48:05 OK
534AX1Feel, not think, the reality of Consciousness Not yet Not yet 11.30.91 Kauai, HI 01:17:19 Very good
536Accessing What the Christ Is Not yet Not yet 02.23.92 Albuquerque, NM 00:51:13 Excellent
537X1-X61992 Taos Winter Workshop (6 tapes)
538Examine fear and anxiety to achieve inner safety Not yet Not yet 01.19.92 Albuquerque, NM 00:56:59 Good
540Live a Life of Quiet Inspiration Not yet Not yet 02.23.92 Albuquerque, NM 00:51:13 Excellent
542As humans expand they encounter obstacles Not yet Not yet 03.29.92 Albuquerque, NM 00:53:45 Excellent
544The ego authors negative mantras Not yet Not yet 04.26.92 Albuquerque, NM 00:52:53 Excellent
545Dissolving boundaries between healer and healed Not yet Not yet 05.24.92 Albuquerque, NM 00:53:52 Excellent
546X1-X51992 Taos Awareness Workshop (5 tapes)
547Seeing Itself is God's Consciousness Not yet Not yet 06.21.92 Albuquerque, NM 00:50:06 Good
548What you are looking for you can find Not yet Not yet 05.14.92 Copenhagen, DK 01:35:31 Excellent
549Intent incompleteness keeps us reincarnating Not yet Not yet 08.23.92 Albuquerque, NM 00:53:52 Excellent
552What about Ghosts? Not yet Not yet 10.25.92 Albuquerque, NM 00:48:11 Excellent
554Excitement and Enlightenment Not yet Not yet 11.22.92 Albuquerque, NM 00:55:25 Excellent
555Responsibility for something larger than ourselves Not yet Not yet 11.22.92 Albuquerque, NM 00:55:25 Excellent
556X1Awaken your trillion cells Not yet Not yet 01.16.93 Taos, NM 00:40:00 Excellent
557There are many paths to Enlightenment Not yet Not yet 01.24.93 Albuquerque, NM 00:53:55 Excellent
   557AX2   The Power of Silent Love Not yet Not yet 02.20.93 Sacramento, CA 01:28:08 Very good
558Living is dangerous for your health Not yet Not yet 02.28.93 Albuquerque, NM 01:01:30s Excellent
559Trust is Essential for Growth & Relationship Not yet Not yet 03.21.93 Albuquerque, NM 00:59:25 Excellent
562X1-X51993 Detroit Workshop (5 tapes)
563To be Fully Conscious of the Moment Not yet Not yet 05.23.93 Albuquerque, NM 00:54:15 Excellent
564X1-X6Taos 1st 1993 2-Day Summer Workshop (6 tapes)
565Gifting Yourself Not yet Not yet 06.19.93 Albuquerque, NM 00:58:45 Excellent
566Bliss is always in the Moment Not yet Not yet 07.25.93 Sacramento, CA 01:07:18 Excellent
568X1-X5Taos 2nd 1993 2-Day Summer Workshop (5 tapes)
569Your mind is scaring you to death Not yet Not yet 09.19.93 Albuquerque, NM 00:58:32 Good
570Enlightenment Not yet Not yet 10.31.93 Albuquerque, NM 00:57:47 Excellent
572God creates this moment Not yet Not yet 11.28.93 Albuquerque, NM 01:04:45 Excellent
575What is your life really about? Not yet Not yet 01.30.94 Albuquerque, NM 00:53:30 Excellent
577It starts with a sense of relaxed peace. Not yet Not yet 02.27.94 Taos ,NM 00:53:30 Excellent
578Clarifying Misconceptions About Enlightenment. Not yet Not yet 03.27.94 Albuquerque, NM 00:56:00 Excellent
580Excitement about your fears Not yet Not yet 04.24.94 Albuquerque, NM 00:58:40 Excellent
581X1-X61994 Crystal Lake 2-day Workshop (6 tapes)
582Fear as Window to Bliss Not yet Not yet 05.22.94 Albuquerque ,NM 00:56:55 Excellent
583X1-X6Taos 1st 1994 2-day Summer Workshop (6 tapes)
584Relaxing into the Constant Presence of the I Not yet Not yet 06.12.94 Taos ,NM 00:49:45 Excellent
585No More Limitations to Your Vastness Not yet Not yet 07.31.94 Albuquerque, NM 00:56:15 Excellent
586How weak yearning and fear hold us back Not yet Not yet 08.21.94 Albuquerque, NM 00:56:26 Excellent
587X1-X6Taos 2nd 1994 2-Day Summer Workshop (6 tapes)
588X11994 Santa Cruz 2-Day Workshop (7 tapes)
589A Course in Miracles Seminar. Not yet Not yet 08.12.94 Albuquerque, NM 01:15:10 Excellent
590A Hierarchy of Consciousness Not yet Not yet 10.30.94 Albuquerque, NM 00:55:20 Excellent
592Bartholomew's Birthday (Video) Not yet Not yet 11.27.94 Albuquerque, NM 00:54:35 Excellent
593Talking to your consciousness, not your ego. Not yet Not yet 12.18.94 Albuquerque, NM 00:57:21 Excellent
596No need to call out to a God outside of yourself. Not yet Not yet 02.26.95 Albuquerque, NM 00:55:00 Excellent
597X1Final Questions and Answers - Tape 1 of 2 Not yet Not yet 03.12.95 Albuquerque, NM 01:18:42 Excellent
597X2Final Questions and Answers - Tape 2 of 2 Not yet Not yet 03.12.95 Albuquerque, NM 01:01:20 Excellent
598Bartholomew's Farewell. Not yet Not yet 03.12.95 Albuquerque, NM 00:40:37 Excellent
600X1-X81995 Ghost Ranch 5-Day Workshop, Abiquiu (NM) (8 tapes)PDF

Journey to Within

The Human Christ

Awakening to
the Deathless

Your Child,
God and You

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