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Newsletter No 3 - March 14, 2022

1. Mary-Margaret

We were shocked and saddened to hear that Mary-Margaret Moore suffered a stroke a couple of weeks ago. Thankfully, the latest information indicates that she is making progress towards a full recovery, even though it is likely to take time and rehabilitation efforts.

We all owe her an immense debt since it is thanks to her steadfast work over 18 years that the wisdom of the intelligence referred to as "Bartholomew" was shared for our benefit and that of future generations. Let's keep her in our prayers and visualize her back on her feet, happy and healthy, remaining with us for many more years.

2. New tape additions

Since the publication of our last Newsletter (No 2), 21 new tapes were converted and uploaded to the site. They are:

  • Tape No 112: Using Intuition
  • Tape No 120: Ego desires vs. Divine Will
  • Tape No 130: The Light Bearers
  • Tape No 132: Astrology as a Tool for Self-Awareness
  • Tape No 135: Genetic Memory and Reincarnation
  • Tape No 143: Abortion
  • Tape No 498: What Are You Running From?
  • Tape No 564X1: Taos 1st 2-Day Summer 1993 Workshop - Tape 1 of 6
  • Tape No 564X2: Taos 1st 2-Day Summer 1993 Workshop - Tape 2 of 6
  • Tape No 564X3: Taos 1st 2-Day Summer 1993 Workshop - Tape 3 of 6
  • Tape No 564X4: Taos 1st 2-Day Summer 1993 Workshop - Tape 4 of 6
  • Tape No 564X5: Taos 1st 2-Day Summer 1993 Workshop - Tape 5 of 6
  • Tape No 564X6: Taos 1st 2-Day Summer 1993 Workshop - Tape 6 of 6
  • Tape No 568X1: Taos 2nd 2-Day Summer 1993 Workshop - Tape 1 of 5
  • Tape No 568X2: Taos 2nd 2-Day Summer 1993 Workshop - Tape 2 of 5
  • Tape No 568X3: Taos 2nd 2-Day Summer 1993 Workshop - Tape 3 of 5
  • Tape No 568X4: Taos 2nd 2-Day Summer 1993 Workshop - Tape 4 of 5
  • Tape No 568X5: Taos 2nd 2-Day Summer 1993 Workshop - Tape 5 of 5
  • Tape No 580: Excitement about your Fears
  • Tape No 585: No More Limitations to Your Vastness
  • Tape No 592: Bartholomew's Birthday
  • (see video under para. 5 below)

    3. Search box

    We were asked if there was a search engine attached to the site. There is. Go to Bartholomewmaterial.com and look on the upper left side of each page (above the menu) where it says "Search box:". It's a simple Google search system that will list all the pages of the site where the word you're looking for is mentioned. For example, try "Crop circles", and tape 531 is identified as one with these words in its title. Right now, search results are limited to tape titles since that's most of what one can find on the site, but as more transcripts are added in the future, such searches will yield more and more results.

    4. "The greatest help you can give to this world is to awaken"

    On July 31, 1994, Bartholomew gave a teaching (Tape No 585 - "No more limitations to your Vastness") that ended with a powerful response to a question regarding what to do in the face of so much suffering and misery around the world. That extract struck us as very relevant for the many among us who feel powerless to help the victims of the current war in Ukraine (and many others before). The answer is encapsulated in the sentence above. If you wish to hear it, click on this link (duration: 8:30 min). If you prefer to read a transcript, you will find it below under Para. 6.

    5. Videos of Bartholomew sessions.

    A big thank you to Lyn and Richard Startzman for bringing to our attention and making available videos they made years ago of some of Bartholomew's teaching sessions. What a find! So far, four have been located, but only one identified in terms of date and place. It corresponds to tape No 592 ("Bartholomew's Birthday") even if it has a different title ("Seeking is Linear TryingŠGod is a Non-Linear Being"). Click on the picture of Mary-Margaret below if you wish to watch it. As more videos are found and identified, we will add them to the site and will keep readers of this Newsletter informed.

    6. Transcript of tape No 585 mentioned in Para. 4 above.

    "Bartholomew / Mary-Margaret Moore: Are we on? All right, the question is if you are at all awake - and obviously this woman is - you look around and you say there's a lot of things wrong with God's world. You know, there's a lot of pain and suffering and... and the feeling that comes up in this lady is one of despair. And so, what to do? First of all, I would like to say that the first part of your statement is not true, which is that you cannot do anything about it. Can we begin there and then go to the second? All right. It is one of the great illusions that your life is unimportant, that this immensity of pain and suffering and chaos is so huge that your little life, it cannot affect it. And I want you to know that that is not true. That in fact, the miracle that is happening - and I call it a miracle because that's how humans view it, as a miracle - the miracle that is happening is that more and more very ordinary human beings without special... birth process are just awakening to the incredible beauty of their own being. And in so doing, my friend, that knowing goes out into the frequency of all consciousness, and whether - do you understand - the greatest help you can give to this world is to awaken. Nothing else matters. You can man a unit of 10,000 to go and help those who are having cholera, you can do whatever you want, in the end, what works is wake up! And in that wakening up, you will know - and this is important - you will come to to know intimately why the world looks like it looks, why the world is doing what it's doing.

    Bartholomew / MMM: You will understand, not with your mind, but you will BE it. You will BE the Self playing all the parts. You will understand. And for me to say to you - piously - don't worry about it is arrogance on this part. So of course you worry. But what I want you to understand is when you awaken, there comes the knowing of the Aha! So that's what it's all about. So THAT's what it's all about. I only ask you to realize that nothing that is created is ever left without God usage. Nothing is without the absolute, total presence and usefulness of the God awareness. Nothing. No matter how difficult, how dark, how ugly, how drab. In the heart and center of it is the light of the one awakened awareness, pulsating and aware of itself, and moving through all of the seeming despairing events with its own light of awareness. That is an absolute guarantee. So again, I say, and when I am speaking, I hope to a mature group of people, I would not say this just anywhere, so no matter what the situation is like, no matter how desperate the situation, the awakened one has no desperation in the... in the realization. It understands deeply that this, as difficult as it looks, is maximum, but you don't get that until you get it. And until then, it looks very chaotic, very confusing, very ungod-like, and I understand that. So my trite answer and yet my very deepest answer is: "awaken and you'll see". Until then, we can trade words back and forth and you will never understand. But on awakening, you... on claiming the awakening that is already presence - even the words mislead - even then, when that moment comes to you, the biggest Aha! In the world descends.

    Bartholomew / MMM: Aha, aha, I see. Actually, there's no I to see. There's just seeing, being, fully awake of itself. And then the understanding of the why. For us to say to you, you know, I understand the question "Why does the Self create like this?" What's going on? Can there be a Self that creates and a Self that's scolding it? I mean... There we're separating out again. The answer is: when you awaken, you will know. And I cannot answer any other way because all words would just hit the barrier and bounce back. The despair is usually a mental process. Despair comes by your thinking, you despair yourself into despair. You think yourself into despair. You're going along happy, you sit down in front of your television, you have your wonderful dinner or whatever it is, you're all ready, you turn on and here comes hell, and here goes your stomach. It's a wonder you all have stomachs left after all this television while eating business. And so here come the horrors. Here comes the nightmares of consciousness, parading before your eyes. And so you have responses. But what is really true, and please understand the deepest sense: if you are not there, it's not happening. Oh, I see you all love that, but I really want you to know, please understand, this moment of your light is all that there is for you. This moment. All the rest of that despair is thinking. I wonder how that child is feeling. I wonder how they... all projecting out. Oh, it must be terrible. What if that child on the television screen has, for whatever reason, burst into awakened awareness right in that moment, in the midst of whatever you are despairing? Would you take that away and give them a sweet little life, you know, with a picket fence and a and, you know, clear water?

    Bartholomew / MMM: The idea - do you understand? - you don't know. And please, ladies and gentlemen, until you know, don't judge. Until you know, don't judge. Meaning you either go crazy and say God is crazy or there's a diabolical devil running around - that's the other alternative that worked for a long time - the devil is doing it. Or you just relax and say, I don't understand, and that is the truth of it. You do not understand. You do not understand and the mind, the finite mind will never understand. The only thing that will understand is understanding itself. Awakened consciousness itself knows precisely what is going on, and in that moment, it is clear. Until then, you just project your ideas of what they're going through on them. Ninety nine percent of the time you're wrong. They are not feeling what you think they're feeling, especially to the animal kingdom. Oh, poor thing... you know, well, that's another story. But nevertheless, this idea of projecting onto other images things that are not real... I want you to know that just as there is in... embedded in every single moment of your life, there is embedded in the single moment of everyone's life the same absolute pulsating, magnificent Self of pure consciousness that knows precisely what It's doing, no matter how confusing. If it be true for you, it must be true for the most downtrodden, the most confused, the most dismal.

    Bartholomew / MMM: It's either true all around or it's a lie. And that is, of course, the question that each of you has to ask: what is your belief about all of this? What is your belief about creation? Is it run amuck? Did God forget you, you know, to send you down to Earth and say, well, have a good incarnation, I'll see you when you're finished? What is going on? What is your belief about what is here? And that is what we have tried to talk with you in thousands and thousands and thousands of different ways since we've begun our work. What is the meaning of reality? What is real and what is not? And when you awaken to that, you stop worrying. So I would just like to suggest to you: stop worrying. And if you stopped worrying, you might drop into reality, you might drop into awakening. It could be that the worry itself is what keeps you from awakening. It's just an idea I thought I'd pass on. Well, ladies and gentlemen, thank you for your attention. You've been wonderful. And that's it."

    7. Questions or comments?

    If you have questions or comments, please let us know at info@bartholomewmaterial.com. If they are of relevance for everyone, they will be incorporated in the following newsletters. Thank you!

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