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Newsletter No 6 - October 3, 2022

1. Ghost Ranch Workshop transcript

As mentioned in our previous newsletter, the very last workshop with Bartholomew present took place at the Ghost Ranch retreat center in Abiquiu, NM, in February 1995. One of the 166 people in attendance was Ann Claassen (now known as Qris), an environment attorney based in Washington DC at the time, who assigned herself the extraordinary task of transcribing the 8 cassette tapes containing excerpts of the 5-day workshop. The tapes have not been processed yet to be uploaded to the Bartholomewmaterial.com site, but Qris generously agreed to make her transcription available in PDF format. You can access it by clicking here. Thank you, Qris!

2. New tape additions

Since the publication of our last Newsletter (No 5), 8 new tapes were converted and uploaded to the site (more are on the way). They are:

3. Reaching a milestone

The complete collection of well over 1200 tapes that resulted from the 17 years of teachings shared by Bartholomew through Mary-Margaret Moore can roughly be divided into 6 groups of anywhere from 100 to 150 tapes each. The most urgent task at this point in time remains to convert all of them into electronic .mp3 files in order to preserve them and make them more readily available to the world and for posterity.

I am happy to report that tapes 1 to 199 and 500 to 600 have all been converted and placed on a server where they are now safe and secure. That does not mean that they have all been processed and added to the web site just yet. Some have, but not all. That will happen in due time, at a slower pace. Now all that remains to be done is to finish groups 200 to 299, 300 to 399 and 400 to 499, many of which have already been converted (and some of them posted on the site).

4. Instant translations

If you look at the top of the menu on the left of any page on the site, you will notice a new addition: a Google button that says "Select language". If you click on the little arrow, you will instantly be shown a menu of no less than 132 languages! Choose one and watch the page appear in that language within seconds. There are very few transcripts available on the site as of yet, but as time goes by and more and more are added, people who are not fluent enough in English will be able to get a good idea of what can be found in the Bartholomew material in their own language. Of course that feature does not apply to the audio tapes themselves since they are in English. If you want to give it a try, go to this page, choose a language and watch what happens: https://bartholomewmaterial.com/transcripts/6-010278-IntroductoryTapeWithJohnAikenEdit.html.

5. Map of all Bartholomew teachings

If you look at the bottom of the menu on the site and click on "Travel Map", you will see a page that shows a map of the world with all the locations where Bartholomew/Mary-Margaret Moore traveled to give teachings. You can zoom on any of the places marked with a blue dot and - if you want more information - click on it. That in turn will give you the tape number, the location, the date and, when available, the title of the tape. To sum up, we have right here in one map a bird's eye view of 17 years of Bartholomew's and Mary-Margaret's work.

6. Testimonial

"Following my invitation to anyone willing to share what the Bartholomew material has meant or done for them and how it might have changed their life, I received the following beautiful email from Karin in Australia, reproduced here with her permission. Thank you, Karin!