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Newsletter No 7 - March 23, 2023

1. End of Phase 1

Forgive the delay of several months since our last Newsletter (October 2022), but it was due to a good cause: the entirety of the Bartholomew tapes collection (over 1,250 tapes) has now been converted into .mp3 electronic files, thus garanteeing that their contents are all safe from decay and, ultimately, disappearance. Phase 2, started with many of the tapes already published on the site, will probably take even more time as it implies listening to and improving the audio quality, whenever needed, of all the other tapes that have not been added to the site yet.

2. Post-Bartholomew tapes

After Bartholomew stopped teaching through Mary-Margaret Moore in 1995, it seems that she took a break for a couple of years, spending many months in particular in her native Hawaii where she gave several workshops. Then she and her husband Justin came back to Albuquerque, and she proceeded to give about one teaching of her own every month from 1998 to 2022. There were also a few workshops. All sessions were taped, and they are now in the process of being converted into .mp3 files for preservation as well. They will be added to the site once all the Bartholomew-era tapes have been processed and added to the site first. It is interesting to note therefore that while Mary-Margaret and Bartholomew gave teachings together for 17 years, she proceeded to do the same solo for another 23-24 years.

3. New tape additions

Since the publication of our last Newsletter (No 6), only one new tape was converted and uploaded to the site. Many more are on the way. You will also receive notifications for every new Topics page and every full transcript (in PDF format) added.

  • Tape No 401: Let go and be free

  • 4. Identifying the topics discussed in each tape

    It's been mentioned before that one of the charms of the Bartholomew tapes is the variety of topics covered during the many teaching sessions he and Mary-Margaret gave. But while each tape is usually labeled with a topic or a theme, there is no telling what topics are actually addressed when Bartholomew veered course or simply responded to a question. As a result, unless one listens to all the tapes carefully, it is virtually impossible to know what are all the topics covered, which is regrettable because there are lots of gems hiding in these tapes.

    Fortunately, we are blessed that, out of the blue, a Bartholomew fan just appeared and volunteered to go through the tedious (if fascinating) process of listening carefully to each tape and writing down its components. A great example of the results can be found here (tape No 402). Thank you so very much (this person prefers to remain anonymous)!

    Please note that when clicking on an extract on that page, the results are excellent with Chrome and Safari but there is a delay with Firefox. Still working on straightening out the kinks...

    5. Visits from all over the world

    It appears that more and more people are slowly discovering the Bartholomew material and visiting the BartholomewMaterial.com site. There is a new signup to the list about every two weeks, and now we have a little over a hundred people signed up to receive the Newsletter. Most are content to listen to or download anywhere from 1 to 3 tapes at a time, but a few are going on binges, and that's great, too. In particular, there are three afficionados who have downloaded or listened to over 200 tapes each! One is in Illinois, one in Australia and one in Denmark. Way to go! Next come India, the UK, Canada and Japan, followed by yet another 20 different countries (including China!). Who knew?

    If you can think of anyone who you think would be interested or would benefit from listening to Bartholomew's wisdom, why not encourage them to visit the site and sign up to the mailing list using the form at the bottom of every page? Thank you!

    6. Missing tapes from the 1992 Asia trip

    When I read "Journey with a Brother" (the last of the 5 Bartholomew books), it occurred to me that I didn't have ANY tape related to that momentous trip, which took place between July and August 1982. I do not have anything from that time bracket! That's a mystery... Does anyone have them? Were any of the readers of this Newsletter on that trip? It clearly was something special as the group stopped in Japan and then went on to India where they met with the Dalai Lama, and all along, Bartholomew gave - as always - fascinating teachings. It would be a pity if this set of tapes was lost to posterity. Any information would be most welcome.

    7. Other missing tapes

    Speaking of missing tapes, while all the available tapes have been converted and about a third of them have already been added to the site, there are no less than 86 others that are still missing. This is therefore a renewed plea for everyone who either has some of these tapes or knows someone who does or might have some to check them against the list maintained under the "Missing" tab in the menu on the left, or by simply clicking on this link.

    It is urgent that we locate and acquire the missing tapes before all the people who may still have them transition, at which point these tapes may well be lost forever. Please ask around anyone you know who was involved in Bartholomew groups if they could ask themselves or relatives and friends to check every basement and/or attic where forgotten boxes of these treasures might still lay waiting to be re-discovered. Thank you!

    8. Testimonial

    In another response to my standing invitation to anyone willing to share what the Bartholomew material has meant or done for them (and how it might even have changed their life in some cases), I received the following email from Joseph, reproduced here with his permission. Thank you, Joseph!

    "Many hours have been spent in listening to the vibrant expressions of Mary-Margaret as she so brilliantly reiterated to us this voice named "Bartholomew" which once simply described itself as "Speaking from the Heart of Consciousness".

    The truths conveyed here are at once as transformative as they are inspiring, even illuminating. The essence of what it means to be both human and divine.

    We are indeed blessed to have the opportunity to participate in these inspiring transformative sessions because of the availability of these live recordings.


    9. Funding: a suggestion

    When I resolved, after meeting Mary-Margaret Moore some six years ago, to devote a large amount of my waking hours to preserving the Bartholomew tapes, I didn't think about what costs would be involved, and I gladly paid all the bills that inevitably appeared to sustain the project. I also remain to this day determined not to ask for any form of payment to access the tapes, thus honoring Mary-Margaret's clear wish that they be made available for free to anyone in the world who would find them helpful. As of today, the total expenses I have encurred are past the $3,000 mark, and each year adds between $400 and $500.

    So I have a suggestion: if each one of the roughly 100 people currently receiving this Newsletter were willing to make a modest contribution of anywhere from $1.00 to $3.00 every month, it would cover ongoing costs and slowly reimburse my past expenses.

    If you feel that being able to access the Bartholomew tapes at will has been helpful to you and that you would like them to remain available, in particular for the people who cannot afford any amount, you are invited to click on the "Donate" button below the menu on the left, then click on (Donate) "Monthly" and choose your amount. You do not need to have a PayPal account to set this up, your credit card will do. This appeal does not apply to the few people who have already made a donation. Heartfelt thanks to all for whatever you can contribute, and if you can't, don't worry about it. I will keep adding tapes to the site until they are all accounted for no matter what.

    10. Questions or comments?

    If you have questions or comments, please let me know at info@bartholomewmaterial.com. If they are of relevance for everyone, they will be incorporated in the following newsletters (with permission, of course). Thank you!

    Copyright © Estate of Mary-Margaret Moore - All rights reserved.

    Our mailing address is: info@bartholomewmaterial.com