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Newsletter No 8 - February 28, 2024

1. Glad to be back!

It's hard to believe that almost a whole year has zipped by since the last Newsletter. There's been some technical issues that had to do primarily with searching high and low (and finally finding) a piece of software sophisticated enough to eliminate most of the background or parasitic noises that plagued a number of tapes.

Anyway, I'm now back in business, and there is still a heck of a lot of work ahead, so here we go.

2. Missing tapes: an amazing gift.

Dawn Weaver, the granddaughter of Dr. Aiken who inherited her grandfather's collection of all the tapes, generously offered to lend me a large number of tapes that had been missing until now, so much so that the remaining list of missing tapes has been cut by half, which is quite an achievement! Thank you Dawn!

That said, if anyone reading these lines has some of the remaining precious tapes (or knows someone who may have some of them), please look them up against the list and if you spot any of the missing ones, it would be a tremendous help if you could send them to me either for good or on loan (mailing address will be provided upon request).The tapes themselves are not eternal, so we must do all we can to salvage them while they're still in usable condition. Thank you for the help that anyone can provide in this respect.

3. New tape additions

Since the publication of our last Newsletter (No 7), some new tapes have been added and a new format has been adopted. As a reminder, each tape is now offered (or will be eventually) in five different formats:
   1. Combination audio/transcript: for those who like to read and hear at the same time.
   2. Audio: for those who prefer to listen only (can also be downloaded).
   3. Topics: excerpts from the audio version arranged by topics addressed in each tape.
   4. Transcript on the web site: for those who prefer to read only (on line).
   5. Transcript in PDF format: for those who would like to print out the transcript for future reading.

4. Storing the Bartholomew material in the Internet Archive

None of us is immortal, therefore I'm working on a succession plan. But to play it safe, after noticing that the Internet Archive - where all the sites that have existed since the beginning of the Internet are... archived (with a few exceptions) - had already automatically copied the main pages of the BartholomewMaterial.com site, I added every single one of the related audio and other files which had not been included in their sweeps. As of today all the files contained in the Bartholomewmaterial.com web site can also be found in the Archive.org web site. As new files are added, I will make sure they are also uploaded to the Internet Archive site where they will be thus safeguarded for posterity.

For future reference, even though it is not as user-friendly as our site, these are the steps to follow to access the Bartholomew material in the Internet Archive:
1. Go to Archive.org;
2. Once there, put in "Bartholomewmaterial.com" in the search box;
3. You will land on a page that shows a calendar. Look for the most recent date that is highlighted, indicating when the Archive sweepers added the latest version of the site. In our case, it is Jan 20, 2024. When you hover your mouse over that date, you will be presented with several time snapshots. Pick the most recent one.
4. You will then be taken to the main page of the Bartholomewmaterial.com site residing now in the Archive.org database.

5. Pending issue: the missing tapes from the 1992 Asia trip

When I read "Journey with a Brother" (the last of the 5 Bartholomew books), it occurred to me that I didn't have ANY tapes related to that momentous trip, which took place between July and August 1982. I do not have anything from that time bracket! That's a mystery... Does anyone have them? Were any of the readers of this Newsletter on that trip? It clearly was something special as the group stopped in Japan and then went on to India where they met with the Dalai Lama, and all along, Bartholomew gave as always fascinating teachings. It would be a pity if this set of tapes was lost to posterity. Any information would be most welcome.

6. Testimonial

In another response to my standing invitation to anyone willing to share what the Bartholomew material has meant or done for them, I received the following email from Tom Calderone, reproduced here with his permission. Thank you, Tom!

"Words cannot describe the impact that the BART teachings have on my daily life. I was so pleased last year to see the teachings organized and categorized electronically into a time defined library. Every day I listen to an audio file (sometimes 3-4 x a day) that seems to spiritually spur me on to awakening. Out of nowhere, the right words always seem to show up to questions I have and deeply touch the feeling tones of my purpose in life. I am very grateful for Bart's teachings, the work of Mary-Margaret and the behind the scenes work that people like yourself do putting all these teachings into sequence."

7. Support

As a reminder, I take full responsibility for this project, including the costs attached to it that I have shouldered since its beginning. And while I am deeply grateful to the handful of people from this group who have made a contribution to support it, I am still short of the actual expenses that it entails. Any contribution will be gratefully appreciated. Hint: for the price of a monthly cup of coffee, you get to enjoy one of the best sources of spiritual wisdom available on the Net. Think about it and if you feel so inspired, please click here (or on the Donate button under the menu on each page of the web site) to make a contribution. Note that since this project is not a 501(c)3 non-profit, any contribution is not tax-deductible. Thank you.

8. Questions or comments?

If you have questions or comments, please let me know at info@bartholomewmaterial.com. If they are of relevance for everyone, they will be incorporated in the following newsletters (with permission, of course). Thank you!

J.J. Surbeck

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